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Poster Guidelines

Poster Tips and Guidelines    

Quick Tips:

Designing a poster in PowerPoint:
  • Create one large slide
  • Design (tab)
    • Page Set Up
      • Width = 24 inches
      • Height = 36 inches
  • 24"x36" is standard poster size
Designing a poster in Excel or Word:
  • New document or spreadsheet
  • Page Layout
    • Size
    • *Set page as large as possible
    • *Check for different printers that may allow for larger scaled documents
  • It's OK if your document takes up multiple pages
    Font Sizes
  • TITLE FONT: 70-120 pt
  • Headings or Subtitle: 48-80 pt
  • Text Sections or Minor Headings: 36-72 pt
  • Regular Paragraph Font: 24-48 pt

See below for detailed information and tips on designing a poster in PowerPoint.  Click here to open the file in a new window.