CESA 5 TEACH Grant Consortium- HQ


PURPOSE:  To award annual grants to eligible consortia of school districts for the allowable costs of training teachers to use educational technology.

** This is a CONSORTIUM Grant application **

District Forms/Signatures to CESA5
Monday, October 3rd  5:00pm

Grant Submission
Monday, October 10th  11:59pm


Thursday, Sept. 22 - 
    CESA 5 Teacher Training Consortium Mtg.
    • Who:  Business office personnel, Curriculum Dir., Technology Directors, teachers

    • What:  Join other member of the consortium in coming together to fill out and process all pertinent grant paperwork.  CESA 5 team members will be on hand to answer any questions.

    • Where:  CESA 5 Office, Portage

    • When:   9:00 - 12:00 

    • MANDATORY ATTENDANCE by each participating district!

    • Click LINK to REGISTER HERE 

Monday, October 10th @  11:59pm - 
    DEADLINE: TEACH -Teacher Training Grant

Friday, November 11th  @  11:59pm - 
    DEADLINE: TEACH -Infrastructure Grant


PURPOSE:  To provide technology infrastructure to improve the capacity of school districts to utilize technology for instruction. Up to $7,500,000 is available for rural school districts that have 13 or fewer students per square mile. Districts that have the greatest percentage of free or reduced-price lunch will be given funding priority.

** This is an INDIVIDUAL GRANT application per DISTRICT **

Friday, November 11th @ 11:59