District Checklist

1 .   Locate District's Grant FOLDER ... (in Google Drive)

                                    DistrictName - TEACH - FY17
               ** Shared with person registered for today's workshop **

2.   Rename  "Consortium Member Application - TEACH - Template" to
                  Consortium Member Application - District Name
        ** Feel free to share with others around your district if need be!**

4.  Complete  Consortium Member Application> Budget Worksheet
         ** See INSTRUCTIONS tab for more details**

5.   Complete  Consortium Member Application> School Dist. Info Tab
         **Must be completed after Budget Worksheet is complete**

6.   Print / Sign / Scan / File
                 Consortium Member Application> School Dist. Info Tab 

         **Put signed/scanned file back in your district's FOLDER from Step 1**


District Submission of Forms/Signatures

Monday, October 3rd  5:00pm

Consortium Submission of Forms/Signatures

Monday, October 10th  12 Midnight